My son feels Im not cool enough says Shah Rukh

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Shah Rukh Khan enjoys huge fan following at home and abroad and is seen as a very cool actor, but his 14 year old son Aryan feels that the superstar is not cool enough.srk said his film RA.One talks about the relationship between every father and son. So the film has a bit of his relationship with hs son. Like he feels that he s not cool enough and he feels that srk doesnt have great abs and he s not a stud enough.The child in this film also feels similar things.The 45 year old also feels that RA.One will get sons closer to their fathers.he thinks its a film that will appeal to all sons and fathers and will teach them to love their fathers because he thinks fathers are very nice. They are good, if not better than mothers,he says.RA.One, a sci fi film, has been directed by Anubhav Sinha and stars Shah Rukh as a superhero.

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